Organizations gather to promote National Food Day

The national campaign promotes the availability of healthy, affordable and sustainable food.

Several MU organizations braved windy conditions Thursday to hold the third annual National Food Day Fair on Kuhlman Court.

The event was held to celebrate Food Day, a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about healthy, affordable and sustainable foods.

Organizations in attendance included the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, the Environmental Leadership Office, Tigers for Community Agriculture, Sustain Mizzou and the Wellness Resource Center.

The Center for Urban Agriculture promoted its Planting for the Pantry program, which involves planting of food on farms with the specific needs of local food pantries in mind.

“That way we can get the most of the food needed, to the people who need it,” program representative Heather Gillich said. “We’re able to grow what people want and then donate it directly.”

The center also provides field trip opportunities for K-12 students at local schools, giving them an opportunity to visit farms and learn more about the environment in general. The final part of the center’s promotion is their Edible Landscaping program, which seeks to provide low-income families with food gardens in their backyards.

Tigers for Community Agriculture served roasted red pepper hummus made with the Sustainability Office’s bicycle blender and provided free popcorn.

“Giving away food tends to attract people more than just pamphlets,” said Jessica Hill, Environmental Leadership Office representative. “It’s just a fun way for us to come out, make some food and celebrate.”

The Wellness Resource Center provided information about simple and beneficial grains that can be used to make easy, healthy meals.

According to the center, the grains can be used for many dishes, and many have health benefits that can help with weight loss, increased energy, and lowering cholesterol. The center also was promoting its upcoming Self Care week.

“We cooperate with all of these individuals on a regular basis,” said Cindy Foley, a registered dietitian with the Wellness Resource Center. “The fair is another great way to promote our programs to people.”

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