Photo story: First farmer’s market of the season comes to campus

The event on Lowry Mall was pushed back one week due to weather conditions.
Soda cans hang as labels for drink coolers Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the Legacy Beef stand during the Campus Farmers Market on Lowry Mall in Columbia, Mo.

MU hosted its first farmer’s market of the season on Lowry Mall on Thursday.

The event was planned by the Environmental Leadership Office, which hosts a farmer’s market on campus about three times a semester. ELO initially planned the farmer’s market to take place during Sustainability Week on April 9, but pushed it back one week due to weather conditions, said sophomore Mackenzie Mock, an ELO ambassador.

Eating locally could have a direct impact on individual carbon footprint, ELO advisor Amy Eultgen told The Maneater earlier in April.

“Knowing that (your food) didn’t travel too far to get to you is a huge part of sustainability,” she said. “Sometimes our (food) is grown out of the country ... which might take a lot of fossil fuels to get to us.”

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