Police link suicide on MU campus to sexual assault, burglary suspect

Police are investigating possible links between the deceased and previous cases of sexual assault.

MU police responded to a report of a deceased person at approximately 11:45 a.m. Saturday at the Trowbridge Livestock Center.

Authorities believe the death to be a suicide, as no signs of foul play were discovered.

The deceased was identified by Columbia police as Zane S. Black, 36, of Columbia. A CPD media release also stated Black was identified by a female victim as the sexual assault and burglary suspect that prompted a manhunt Friday night.

The victim reported an incident from May 1, in which Black looked into the victim’s bedroom window as she was getting dressed after a shower.

After officers attempted to make contact with Black Friday night, he fled into a wooded area near Rock Quarry Road. Black was last seen in the Hinkson Creek area, moving toward the MU campus.

CPD is currently investigating whether Black is connected to previous incidents, including incidents in 2013. A CPD media release said there are no additional information at this time.

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