Project of the Week: Breaking down Clery releases since 2011

With the first Clery release of the year sent out over the weekend, here’s a look back at past Clery releases.
Graph detailing the number of Clery releases sent out by MUPD since 2011.

This past Saturday, students received an email with the first Clery release sent since July 5, 2015. Notified of an attempted sexual assault that took place in the area of Mumford Hall, the MU Police Department arrested a suspect later that day.

Despite the fact that this was the first Clery release freshmen at MU have ever received, they are not new and are required by law. Since 2009, MUPD has sent 67 Clery releases ranging from armed robberies to sexual assaults. There were 10 Clery releases during the 2014–15 school year.

In an effort to break down the Clery releases sent out, former Projects Editor Taylor Blatchford created an interactive project featuring various infographics looking at the location, frequency and details of Clery releases since 2011.

The Maneater Projects Department is looking back at past pieces in a series called “Project of the Week.” The aim of this new series is to highlight past projects that are both relevant and impactful to this day. We hope you take the time to look back at the hard work and careful reporting of past Maneater staffers. Happy reading!

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