Project of the Week: No Fun, All Joy

The Maneater looks back at a past project in light of the two-year anniversary of the University Village balcony collapse.
The Student Parent Center closed in 2014 after MU officials decided to demolish University Village after a walkway collapse killed a Columbia firefighter. Maneater File Photo

Two years ago, a balcony at the University Village housing complex collapsed, killing a Columbia firefighter. The MU-owned apartments offered affordable housing to graduate and professional students, but at a price due to its unstable infrastructure.

The collapse resulted in the shutdown of the Student Parent Center, a daycare for student parents.

In an effort to highlight the impact of the Student Parent Center’s closure, The Maneater took an in-depth look at the stories of student parents, who must balance taking finals while tucking their children into bed. The result was a Maneater Long Read titled “No Fun, All Joy” by Crystal Duan.

Monday marks the two-year anniversary of the fatal collapse that acted as a catalyst for a conversation regarding graduate students’ rights on campus. With a list of demands that has yet to be met regarding consistent health care and a reinstatement of childcare services, graduate students are still feeling the effects of the collapse.

The Maneater Projects Department is looking back at past pieces in a series called “Project of the Week.” The aim of this new series is to highlight past projects that are both relevant and impactful to this day. We hope you take the time to look back at the hard work and careful reporting of past Maneater staffers. Happy reading!

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