Race Relations Committee creates series of video updates on progress

Race Relations Committee publishes videos about campus climate

On Nov. 2, the Faculty Council Committee on Race Relations updated their website to include five videos featuring students and staff from diverse backgrounds in an effort to help improve race relations on campus

The videos cover five separate topics: outlining the committee’s mission, describing the racial climate, changing the racial landscape, responding to skeptics and responding to those who call for greater action. All of the videos combined are roughly 13 minutes long.

On the website, committee chair Berkley Hudson addressed the committee’s purpose.

“The committee aims to develop tools and strategies to assist the faculty and to offer afresh to the broader Mizzou community ways to better understand the misunderstandings about race and ethnicity,” Hudson said.

In the clip about changing the racial landscape, Hudson commented on what will be required to shift perspectives.

“Yes, there are dollars that have to be allocated to this,” Hudson said. “But at the same time, there are some things that do not take any money. It does not take any money to be courteous, kind, respectful to someone in terms of race relations. That requires not millions of dollars; it requires nothing.”

The update to the website and the videos can be seen here.

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