RHA Blackout Dance hopes to promote sustainability

RHA hopes the event will help encourage more sustainable energy use on campus.

The MU Residence Halls Association will host the Blackout Dance Party from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. Friday at Tiger Plaza to encourage students to unplug their electronics and get some fresh air.

The party itself is an environmentally friendly event, said freshman Rachel Thomas, RHA’s sustainability coordinator. Because the dance will take place outdoors, air conditioning and heating will not be necessary. Compost and recycling containers will also be available to minimize waste, she said.

Thomas said she is excited that RHA is promoting sustainability on campus.

“Sustainability is not just about reducing costs,” she said. “It’s about being aware of your energy and water usage and conserving that in order to make the world and environment around you a better place.”

Thomas said she hopes the not-for-profit event will educate students on their energy usage and reduce carbon footprint on campus.

“We’ll (show) a bunch of different examples and ways students can reduce their energy usage,” she said.

The Blackout Dance is funded by the Sustainability Office. The event will round out this year’s Sustainability Week.

Although there was a Blackout Campfire a few years back, the dance party is the first of its kind for MU, Thomas said.

“The event itself is going to be a chill, laid back and fun event with free food,” she said. “What could be better than that?”

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