‘Show Your Stripes’ takes stance on Greek life, academic technology

The slate hopes to introduce an opioid-overdose antidote to campus and push back against proposed changes to Greek life.
MSA presidential candidate Jennifer Sutterer. Photo by Staff Photographer Becca Newton

The “Show Your Stripes” slate started their campaign aiming to talk about accessibility at MU and change toward the Greek life system.

The campaign is comprised of presidential candidate Jennifer Sutterer and vice presidential candidate Mary O’Brien, and they will take part in the second Missouri Students Association presidential debate hosted by The Maneater on Feb. 27.

Opioid treatment drugs at MU

On the slate’s platform and in the debate, Sutterer led with her plan to introduce naloxone, the opioid-overdose antidote, to residence halls and Greek chapter houses.

The idea was a part of Sutterer’s recognition that Missouri continues to struggle with drug overdoses throughout the state. In 2017, 951 people died from opioid overdoses in Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Health & Human Services.

Moderators for the MSA-sponsored debate did not press Sutterer on how the policy would be implemented. However, Sutterer’s administration would work with on-campus organizations and Missouri’s state government, according to the slate’s website.

The idea — which “All In Mizzou” presidential candidate Solomon Davis endorsed at the debate — was first introduced by MSA policy and advocacy director Anthony Garcia. Sutterer and Davis both credited him for the policy.

Greek life

Sutterer and O’Brien, both members of MU’s Greek community, have stated their opposition to proposed changes to the university’s Greek system.

Their platform focuses on chapters hosting social events at their houses and freshmen living in-house during their first year at MU.

These changes, originally proposed by MU’s Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Board, would allow first-year students to live in chapter houses if both the chapter and the student met certain academic requirements.

The proposed changes would also limit the number of social events a chapter could hold at its houses, according to previous Maneater reporting.

“Show Your Stripes” claims these changes would harm the Greek life system at MU, according to the slate’s website.

The changes were discussed by the FSAB at a Dec. 4 open forum, where they also addressed concerns about first-year student housing.

Academic transparency and technology

The slate also spoke on the use of academic technology and transparency during the first debate, something originally addressed in the campaign platform.

At the debate, O’Brien spoke about concerns that students were overpaying or paying multiple time for digital attendance software, such as iClicker and Top Hat.

“Show Your Stripes” said they want the ability to notify students of what materials they need, claiming it will help avoid double purchases by students.

The slate also supports the creation of a syllabus database on their campaign platform. This database would allow students to view their syllabuses before registering for classrooms, according to the campaign’s website.

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