Sigma Chi administration closes MU chapter

Despite being closed down, the fraternity plans to return to the MU campus.

The Sigma Chi nationwide executive committee voted to immediately suspend its MU chapter, saying that the chapter violated the fraternity’s policies.

The committee released an online announcement on Thursday explaining the reasoning behind the suspension.

“The International Fraternity, in collaboration with the university and the chapter’s alumni advisors, made the decision due to continued accountability and conduct issues within the chapter’s membership,” the announcement said. “The undergraduate members’ actions were inconsistent with the Fraternity, and the EC was left with no other option than to suspend the chapter’s charter.”

In the announcement, Sigma Chi International President, Steve Schuyler, said the chapter’s actions forced the committee and alumni to suspend the chapter.

According to previous Missourian reporting, the MU Sigma Chi chapter has been suspended for past actions, including hazing violations in October 2002 and giving alcohol to minors in October 2018.

The announcement doesn’t state what policy the chapter violated.

Sigma Chi still plans on returning to MU’s campus. The announcement states they are partnering with MU to ensure its future chapter will maintain a positive environment.

The MU Sigma Chi chapter has a house at 500 S. College Ave.

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