Student Union Programming Board holds first Howl-O-Ween

Dogs’ costumes ranged from Minnie Mouse to Buzz Lightyear.
Rescue dog Fletcher stands at the the Missouri Student Union Programming Board's best dog costume contest held at Kuhlman Court on Friday, Nov. 1. Fletcher, who is owned by Amber Graham was dressed as Buzz Lightyear.

Pet owners and their dressed-up dogs gathered among tables filled with frisbees and dog treats to socialize with other canines and those passing by Kuhlman Court.

The canine costume contest, Howl-O-Ween, was hosted by the Student Union Programming Board on Nov. 1. This was the event’s first year.

SUPB Director of Entertainment Julia Reed said she thought it would be a fun experience for dog-lovers.

“This is a bigger turnout than I expected,” Reed said. “There are so many people with dogs on campus. It’s really an untargeted market. Everyone loves puppies.”

The public could vote for its favorite costume.

The first place pup was rewarded with a $50 Visa gift card and a $35 and $25 dollar card went to second and third place, respectively.

First place went to Mario and Luigi, who were dressed up as two fancy dinosaurs. Second place went to Hoodie dressed as Truman the Tiger, and Fletcher, who was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, came in third.

Hoodie’s owner, junior Mackenzie Otten, brought Hoodie to the contest for some playtime. She made Hoodies costume with one of her Mizzou jerseys and a tiger tail her roommate had. Hoodie also wore the costume to a dog costume party at Aspen Heights, Otten said.

“If she wins, the gift card will be helpful for paying for food, and she’s hoping for some new toys,” Otten said.

Hoodie is a rescue dog like Otten’s other three dogs. After her father found the exceptionally skinny dog by the MetroLink station in St. Louis, he decided to bring Hoodie home to his daughter, Otten said.

Since then the two have been inseparable.

Senior Stephanie Jolly fosters dogs from the Central Missouri Humane Society where she volunteers.

She dressed Ruffles, a dog she fosters frequently, in a Minnie Mouse costume. Jolly said she hoped bringing Ruffles out in public would increase her chances of being adopted.

“This seemed like it would be fun,” Jolly said. “She needs socialization with people and other dogs, and maybe someone will adopt her.”

Ruffles was a pregnant stray when she was found and brought to the shelter about a month ago. She had her litter while at the shelter and since then all her puppies have been adopted, Jolly said. Now she waits for a new home.

Senior Nicole Twaddle brought Sadie, a boxer lab mix she adopted from the Central Missouri Humane Society last spring. Twaddle chose to dress Sadie in a penguin costume she found at PetSmart.

“Sadie needs to meet new people and dogs,” Twaddle said. “She needs to get out of the house more because she is a very high energy dog. I try to take her to the dog park like five days a week because there are no sidewalks where I live.”

Twaddle also fosters dogs from the animal shelter. She said Sadie acts as a “big sibling” to the other dogs.

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