Tap Day tradition continues with over 80 new honor society members

MU’s six secret societies welcomed 65 student members and 17 honor taps.
Inductees to the Mystical Seven line the stage during Tap Day on April 20, 2018.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article did not state that Larissa Babiak was tapped into QEBH. The Maneater regrets this error.

One of the few times a year the Switzler Hall bell tolls is to signal the arrival of Tap Day, when dozens of MU students in hooded robes gather in Jesse Auditorium, their identities hidden until their hoods are removed on stage, revealing them as members of one of six secret societies.

LSV, Mortar Board, Mystical Seven, Omicron Delta Kappa, QEBH and the Rollins Society uncovered the identities of their new initiates at the 91st annual Tap Day on Friday. Each year, a select group of students are chosen by peers to be inducted into one of the six societies based on achievement in leadership, involvement, academics and service.

Formerly known as “Senior Day,” Tap Day was started by Dr. Albert K. Heckel in the early 20th century. Since then, it has grown to include six societies, each of which works behind the scenes and in secret to better campus and the community. The purpose and operation of each society are known only to their members, with some even keeping the meaning of their acronyms a secret.

In his opening remarks at his first Tap Day as chancellor, Alexander Cartwright spoke of the importance of MU’s secret societies.

“The six honorary societies have played a significant role in our university’s culture for well over a century,” Cartwright said. “They honor academic success, leadership, service and a commitment to Mizzou.”

Being “tapped” into a society is considered an honor, in large part because of the long-standing tradition of the event. For Omicron Delta Kappa tap Mackinlee Rogers, Tap Day runs in the family.

“It’s a tradition, and obviously we love tradition here,” Rogers said. “One of my family members was in a secret society, and it was kind of a tradition my family passed down.”

Some of the societies, including the all-female LSV, reveal the identities of their members after they have performed a year of service, while others, like Mystical Seven, initiate members ahead of their service work.

“I’m really excited for the year to come and what all we’ll be able to do as a community and independently with each other’s support,” Mystical Seven tap Mikaela O’Barr said.

For O’Barr, membership in Mystical Seven is about more than recognizing her achievements.

“I think it’s a family that I needed but didn’t know how to find at Mizzou, and that’s really what I found in the past couple of weeks leading up to Tap Day,” she said.

In her opening statement ahead of the reveal of Mystical Seven’s initiates, speaker Simona Gupta expressed her society’s desire to help MU grow and hold administrators accountable for enacting change.

“Tap Day is a day to reflect on where we are, where we need to be and the students and faculty who can get us there,” she said.

In addition to tapping students, each society also names “honor taps,” faculty and staff members who have made significant contributions to MU. This year, the six societies honor tapped a total of 17 faculty members. QEBH, MU’s oldest society, tapped Assistant Athletic Director for Major Gifts Brad Loos, whose daughter, Rhyan, became the face of Rally for Rhyan, a fundraising effort for pediatric cancer.

Missouri Students Association president Nathan Willett closed the event with remarks on the impact that students honored on Tap Day have on the university.

“Here at Mizzou, just like any other place in this world, there are examples of members of our community that do not live up to our values,” Willett said. “Thankfully, we have beacons of hope that stand up for others and shine light where it is dark.”

The following is a list of those tapped on Friday.


Larissa Babiak Allison Holmes Joseph Kimerle Gretchen Metzger Matthew Swing Anne Tenkhoff Kimberly Woods Amy Knopps (Honor Tap) Brad Loos (Honor Tap) Kevin McDonald (Honor Tap)

Mystical Seven

Marshall Allen Ashley Hollis Emma Lohman Mikaela O’Barr Abas Pauti Alexa St. Julien Kaelyn Sturgell Donald Gilliam (Honor Tap) Jeffery Perkins (Honor Tap) Tojan Rahhal (Honor Tap) Christopher Walters (Honor Tap)


Randi Anderlik Casey Edwards Kayla Myers Emily Tarby Tessa Weinberg Jennifer Brown (Honor Tap) Robyn Swink (Honor Tap)

Mortar Board

James Ball Amanda Blythe David Emily Alexander Galvin Erin Hediger Marlaina Kaine Jane Kielhofner Brittney Marshall Bryan Mink Jacey Schank Faramola Shonekan Allie Starks Ellie Stitzer Nola Tran Kelsie Wilkins Amber Cheek (Honor Tap) Carli Conklin (Honor Tap) Bret Ulery (Honor Tap)

Omicron Delta Kappa

Megan Bartolac Christian Cmehil-Warn Christopher Dade Jordyn Eskijian Ashley Fessler Alexandra Greenspun Cassidy Herring Tyler Hoffmann Anna Thérèse Jaoudi Alexander Johar Cady Lowery Mercedes Mackay Bree Minger Armaan Painter Abigail Peoples Delaney Pummill Rachel Quist Mackinlee Rogers Brooke Saharovici Sarah Senff Michaela Thomson Greer Wetherington Alexis Winter Jordan Young Bryan Maurer (Honor Tap) Bill Turpin (Honor Tap)

Rollins Society

Sarah Cramer Alex Howe Veronica Newton Oscar Rojas Perez Sarah Senff Hallie Thompson Leslie Touzeau Tiffanesha Williams Michelle Teti (Honor Tap) Na’Tashua Davis (Honor Tap) Barton Wechsler (Honor Tap)

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