The Briefing: Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes to Title IX won’t change anything just yet, according to Title IX Office

Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes include strengthening the rights of those accused of sexual assault and harassment.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed changes to Title IX proceedings that would strengthen the rights of those accused of sexual assault and harassment, as well as reduce liability for universities and encourage schools to provide more support for victims, according to reporting done by The New York Times.

Among these changes comes a narrowed definition of sexual harassment, and the establishment of a higher legal standard to determine whether schools addressed complaints.

These changes have many students wondering how Title IX proceedings will change at MU. Especially following the Title IX news from the summer, where former MU basketball player Terrence Phillips said he was cleared for three of four Title IX violations.

Reports from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch later proved this to be untrue, as the university found him guilty of violating Section 3 of the policy on sex discrimination, harassment and misconduct.

According to a statement released by the Title IX Office, any changes won’t start until the policy is officially in place.

“Mizzou has strong policies and procedures in place related to Title IX, and we will ensure that we continue to be on the forefront of supporting our students, faculty and staff,” Andy Hayes, assistant vice chancellor for Civil Rights & Title IX, said in an email. “We’re continuing to wait for permanent direction of any changes to the Title IX guidelines. Once that occurs, we’ll be sure to review our policies and procedures to see if we need to make any changes.”

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