The briefing: MSA senate plans on implementing free feminine hygiene products, new speaker series this semester

MSA senate speaker Jacob Addington spoke about the goals MSA has set out to accomplish for the spring semester.
MSA senate speaker Jake Addington discussing a bill during a senate meeting. Maneater File Photo

MSA senate plans to continue a collection of projects that began last semester.

The first project is a TED Talk inspired conference, where they hope to have their first speaker next fall. MSA senate aims to bring in notable MU alumni to talk about their collegiate or professional career, MSA senate speaker Jacob Addington said.

Last semester, MSA senate passed a $2,500 budget for a campus-wide effort for free female hygiene products on campus, which the senate is still working on implementing.

“Hopefully we’ll be rolling it out before the end of the semester — free hygiene products for women to put in bathrooms in select areas around campus, probably starting in the student center and then going out from there to the more used buildings on campus,” Addington said.

Addington also mentioned efforts for MSA to focus more on branching out as opposed to focusing on internal affairs. Instead of writing the official rules and procedures of MSA, they want to bring in administrators to talk to about programs and initiatives.

The social justice committee, as Addington mentions, is working on putting together more events for the resource centers in the student center.

MSA senate first began working with the LGBTQ Resource Center last semester and plan on furthering this relationship for the spring semester. With this, they want to promote resources like the LGBTQ center so that students become more aware and possibly more involved with those resources. The FY20 budget, which will be passed this semester, covers the costs of a multitude of student association fees, such as leadership position salaries and auxiliary organization budgets, Addington said.

“The executive is working on [the budget] right now,” Addington said. “Our treasurer will send that over to us [the senate,] and we’ll spend three or four meetings talking about it and ultimately passing it and allocating that money for next year.”

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