The Briefing: ‘Show Your Stripes’ wins thin-margined MSA presidential election

The ‘Show Your Stripes’ slate received 120 more votes than ‘All In Mizzou’ in an election that was one day longer than usual.
President Jennifer Sutterer and Vice President Mary O’Brien at The Maneater debate on Feb. 27, 2019. Photo by Photographer Madeline Carter

Jennifer Sutterer and Mary O’Brien, the presidential and vice presidential candidates from the “Show Your Stripes” slate, will be the next leaders of the Missouri Students Association’s executive branch.

The victory for Sutterer and O’Brien comes after the MSA court decided to extend the election’s voting period by 24 hours. This resulted in a voting period of 72 hours, instead of the regular 48 that the MSA election code outlines.

The MSA presidential election came down to a margin of 120 votes, according to a tweet from the Board of Elections Commissioners.

The “Show Your Stripes” slate received 51.6 percent of the vote, or 1,905 votes. The “All In Mizzou” slate — comprised of MSA senate External Affairs Chair Solomon Davis and Briana Dinwiddie — received 48.4 percent of the vote, or 1,785 votes.

In a statement from "Show Your Stripes," Sutterer and O'Brien thanked the "All In Mizzou" slate and said they hope to run a representative administration.

"At the beginning of this campaign, we made promise to work with and for all students," Sutterer and O'Brien wrote. "We intend to carry that promise throughout the duration of our administration as we work for and with the entire Mizzou student body."

Davis, on his Twitter account, said he would continue to work toward the solutions he campaigned on, despite the election loss.

“We all have gripes about this university, whether it is affordability, lighting, resources, or even just snow removal,” Davis wrote. “But staying silent won’t fix it for us, and certainly not those tigers who come after us.”

The judicial branch made the decision to extend the election after an infraction for profanity while campaigning was enforced against Davis and Dinwiddie’s slate during the voting period.

The court could not find enough proof to verify the actions that caused the infraction, which led to an extension in voting, according to a March 7 press release.

“In good conscience, the court can not say with certainty that vulgar language was used by anyone associated with the ‘All In Mizzou’ slate,” they wrote in the press release.

The total votes cast in the 2019 election, 3,690, shows turnout more than double the 1,503 votes made in 2018, previous Maneater reporting shows.

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