University Village demolition begins

Three of the 14 buildings at University Village will remain for storage uses.

After decades of providing housing for many graduate students and their families, University Village will finally be demolished Monday after a walkway collapse killed Columbia fireman Bruce Britt in February.

Marschel Wrecking, LLC of Fenton, Missouri started the demolition process after being chosen out of 10 bids MU received from private contractors to tear the complex down.

The company had the lowest bid of $378,490, which includes removal of the buildings, asbestos abatement and recycling at least 50 percent of the material.

MU Spokesman Christian Basi said the selection was made based on which contractor can “fulfill all of the obligations, while giving (MU) the best price.”

However, not every building at University Village will be removed. Basi said three of the 14 buildings were renovated in the past — two in 1999 and one in 2003 — and will be preserved for storage uses.

There is currently no estimate for when the demolition will be completed, Basi said.

The facility closed June 30 after all residents had moved out.

At this time, MU has no plans to construct another graduate housing facility.

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