Column: This column ends, but pop culture carries on

To quote the Pikachu Goodbye Song, the time has come. Yes, it is time for me to put down the metaphorical pen on this pop culture column. I can’t even tell you, hopefully dedicated readers, how great it has been to berate you with my criticism on pop culture this past semester. However, I do think the best part of writing is all the criticism I get back. Some constructive, some straight for the jugular, but all is equally well-received by me. Since I love to dish out the criticism, getting it in return always strikes my fancy. Moving on, even though I will not be here to light up your world with my insight, why not tell you all what I think will transpire in the pop culture world in the future?

This year has been a whirlwind of drugs, parties, jail sentences, lost jobs and so much more for the mess that is Lindsay Lohan. In my dream world, Lindsay would rise from the ashes that are her scorched career like a phoenix! In the real world, I’m almost certain that Lindsay is going to drift into obscurity. I do think she will get over her addiction, but without the drug and alcohol abuse she is basically nothing. Depressing, am I right? Attached to that point, the coverage of Hollywood starlets is taking a turn. Now the media has always been fascinated with the trials and tribulations of young female celebrities, but it seems to get younger and younger. For a while now, celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and the other usual suspects have clouded the media with their partying antics. However, the newest generation of Disney and Nickelodeon stars is young, fresh, and equally, if not more, fucked up. I predict that these new girls will take over the tabloids and some of our old favorites will be desperately clinging to their former fame with a form of sex-ploitation.

Now as far as aspects of pop culture that normal people care about, change is imminent. When it comes to television, it is only a matter of time before reality television takes over. Sure there will still be sitcoms, but the amount of genuinely great fictitious shows produced will soon dwindle. However, I do think the networks like HBO and Showtime will become more popular and will be responsible for most of the great shows on television. The movie industry will not change drastically, but I believe more great films will be produced. Sure, there are the pointless movie franchises like Twilight, but other movies are being produced that challenge the audience mentally and really push the envelope. However, I think I am most optimistic about the change in the music industry. Great music is becoming more prevalent in mainstream media. In my opinion, multiple genres of music are going to revamp their style and produce better music than we’ve seen in a while.

Another important aspect to discuss is the evolution of pop culture coverage. I am beginning to think that the E! News and Entertainment Tonights of the media will be pushed out by the bevy of gossip blogs out there. I know that blogs like Dlisted and What Would Tyler Durden Do are far more entertaining than stupid Ryan Seacrest. When the actual correspondents on these programs are considered celebrities themselves, their coverage is boring and far too nice. I think people are starting to enjoy the more creatively mean writers behind all the gossip blogs.

Now to quote the great Vitamin C, as we go on, we’ll remember all the times we spent together. I hope that is true with at least some of you readers because I have truly enjoyed writing this column. If that isn’t true, I at least hope that my deep seeded fascination with pop culture has made you feel better about what you do in your free time. Thanks for the memories!

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