Letter to the Editor: George Smith’s letter is is par for the course for an anti-Semite

Anti-Zionism is no different than anti-Semitism

With all the hatred lately around campus, there is absolutely no purpose in running a letter from anti-Semite, anti-Israel "so-called" professor George Smith. His letter drips with hate and intolerance. If the purpose was to anger those of us who are MU Jewish alumni, you've accomplished your goal. When I went to MU, and The Maneater published hate letters, it was done with a note from the editor. Would you run an article that was anti-Christian or anti-Muslim or anti-LGBT without something to balance it? No. You wouldn't.

By the way, his argument that anti-Semitism is different than anti-Zionism is par for the course for an anti-Semite.

Shoshana Lewin MU J-School, Class of 2000 Shoshieml@aol.com

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