Editorial: “The Hunting Ground” is a must-see to change rape culture

The film aims to foster a discussion about rape culture on college campuses across America.

This Thursday, Ragtag Cinema, with help the True/False Film Festival, will be bringing the critically-acclaimed documentary “The Hunting Ground” to the Missouri Theatre. The film, directed by Oscar-nominated director Kirby Dick, tells the stories of multiple college-aged women who have experienced sexual assault while at college. The film comes to campus shortly following the Columbia Police Department’s decision to close the case of alleged sexual assault victim, Sasha Menu Corey, and just in time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

This film is well-worth the $10 ticket for students. In our society and all around college campuses, there is a culture of blaming sexual assault victims. We live in a society that says “don’t get raped” instead of saying “don’t rape.” The key to making effective changes in the way our culture thinks is education. This film allows students to learn more about sexual assault by just sitting and watching a film. But this is not only a film for students, it’s a film for everyone on this campus. Faculty and administration must make an honest effort to come out and see this film in order to better understand the reality of sexual assault on college campuses.

We urge everyone to go see this film so that all of us can start an honest and productive discussion about changing and eliminating rape culture on campus. If you cannot attend Thursday night’s showing of the film, it will also be playing April 10-16 at Ragtag Cinema.

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