Letter to the Editor: 'The Jungle' not as successful as MSA says

Dear Editor,


My name is Mark Hart and this is my first year at the University of Missouri.  The reason why I am sending this e-mail is to correct statements that were made in the MSA newsletter to students regarding "The Jungle."  First of all, the number of students I have seen in "The Jungle" is not what I would call a "successful" turnout.  Honestly, on the first week of the tailgate I walked past the parking lot and saw more police officers than students in the parking lot.  I do not mind Columbia police and have nothing against tailgating with them, it is just that I prefer to tailgate with people my own age.  If MSA truly wants to make a successful tailgate out of "The Jungle" it should spend less time telling students in e-mails how successful the tailgate is and more time making sure that the lot is open for students to tailgate with other students, rather than students to tailgate with local law enforcement.  I understand the need for safety and perhaps one or two police officers, but two law enforcement cars parked in "The Jungle" with additional cops patrolling is somewhat unnecessary. 

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