Column: News, coffee and an apology

With major issues to consider in our world today, it’s sad to see news outlets reporting on, well, “Latte Salutes.”

I’d like to begin this week by apologizing for offending people in last week’s column. I did not mean to criticize sexual assault victims, as my entire passage was about how we should not ever blame the victims.

I also did not mean for my “puppy” metaphor to be misconstrued the way it was. I was simply trying to push the message of “never blame the victim.”

This column is meant to express my opinion in the way I choose, and, since The Maneater is a student-run paper, it is a learning ground for me. I apologize for the offense I caused.

Now with that said, I’ll get into my far less controversial column this week.

As a journalism major, I appreciate the news. But what I’ve noticed lately, is that news outlets like to feed us information that’s, well, not really news.

CNN, I’m sorry, but I really don’t care about breaking news updates about Justin Bieber and his recent life choices, and I am almost positive that those aren’t worthy of the “breaking news” title.

Granted, we do live in ‘Merica where we have our freedoms, but it just doesn’t seem right for news outlets — who are supposed to keep us informed on important issues — to feed us biased and straight-up stupid information.

Bias is everywhere, but I’m going to pick on one obviously biased news station for this particular column: Fox News.

Fox was all over the “Obama Latte Salute.” The President was slammed for saluting two soldiers at the bottom of the steps of Marine One with a coffee cup in his right hand. Sean Hannity and Karl Rove were quick to claim that this “Latte Salute,” or Chai Salute, as Rove says in the clip, shows the President’s disrespect for our men in uniform.

Got that, President Obama? Next time you salute men in uniform, make sure you’re not holding anything because apparently that’s not right.

It is also highly suggested that you get yourself a nice manicure, because hangnails and untamed cuticle beds are simply not OK for saluting our men and women in uniform. You should probably wear the purest of white gloves too, just to assert your authority as a respectable president.

Or better yet, go on Craigslist and find a hand model to follow you around and put their hand to your forehead just so you can always give the best and most flawless salute out there.

There! Now Fox News has one less stupid and pointless story to feed to its audience. I mean, it’s not like there are other stories, like the crisis in Iraq and Syria involving ISIS and the Ebola outbreak, that should have more concern than a salute gone wrong, right?

Come on, people. Can we please focus on what is actually important and stop trying to pass hate and pointless information off as news? That’s what reality and entertainment shows are for. Leave that to them and focus on what news outlets are supposed to focus on: actual news.

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