Editorial: The Maneater apologizes for insensitivity of its recent column

Although The Maneater does not wish to censor opinions, the recent column on sexual assault does not represent the values of The Maneater Editorial Board.

In response to the discussion brought forth by a column discussing sexual assault on campus, we as an Editorial Board wanted to address comments made by readers and our community at MU.

“The opinions expressed by The Maneater columnists do not represent the opinions of The Maneater Editorial Board.” This disclaimer is on the top of every column written for the opinion section of The Maneater.

Columns that are published in The Maneater are vetted by the opinion editor and members of the Editorial Board during the writing process.

As the voice of MU, we provide a platform for all voices to be heard, regardless if we as a staff agree with the opinions being expressed. There have been numerous columns published within the past year that members of the Editorial Board do not agree with. However, as an Editorial Board, it is not our job to publish content that we solely agree with.

The column in question was supervised by the Editorial Board. This is a board comprised of students who all share different life experiences, beliefs, political stances, sexual orientations and other backgrounds, including survivors of sexual assaults and paedophilia. The topic of sexual assault and the conversation surrounding it is something that must be discussed not only on this campus, but all across the country.

As an Editorial Board, we apologize for any discomfort or anger that the column caused. The light in which survivors of sexual assault were cast is not something we, as an Editorial Board, or The Maneater, condone in our reporting.

Data was excluded from the argument that would have provided more context to the columnist’s argument. The Maneater regrets this error.

We, as the student publication, welcome letters to the editor as a form of rebuttal to columns, forms of advocacy and other forms of awareness that would best help the community. Last semester, The Maneater published a letter to the editor written by a sexual assault survivor. We believed that her story and experience with the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX shed light on the issue of sexual assault.

Like any other letter to the editor on this topic, or any other topic, we will continue to welcome differences in opinion. Discourse and discussion on all topics is vital to a free press and a well-informed general public.

We as a publication take that seriously, and will continue to provide a voice for all opinions, whether or not they are shared by members of our Editorial Board.

Send letters to the editor to editors@themaneater.com

The MU Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention center provides services related to decreasing the ubiquity of rape, sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking and can be contacted at (573) 882-6638 or in room G216 in the Student Center.

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