Column: Willary or Wontary?

Hillary Clinton may be running for president in 2016, and she could win.

American royalty. Yes, on the heels of the Scottish vote for independence that left the Queen happy after her request to not be the last queen of Scotland, perhaps the closest person to an American queen might not be the last, but the first female head of state of the United States. She has overshadowed most of the Obama administration, either through party speculation or her role overseas.

This person is known as Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Formerly First Lady, Senator from New York, and most recently Secretary of State under the current president, Clinton has been speculated, seemingly for the last five years, as the Democratic frontrunner for the 2016 bid for the White House.

The Grand Old Party’s propaganda machine is already firing at Clinton, bringing up Benghazi with every other news report. They have even compared the “Clinton Dynasty” to being American tyrannical royalty, comparable to Islamic Kenyan tyranny, I assume. However, I warn you, these two terms are in no way akin to Bush royalty or the religion of Reagan in any way, shape or form because, well, in what way does an “R” resemble a “D” at all?

Leaving all pundits’ grudges aside, Hillary is in a great position to join her husband, one of only 43 men to hold the highest office in the land. She’s re-established her credibility since losing in 2008, and she was the most-traveled Secretary of State in history, logging nearly 1 million miles traveling to 112 countries. Clinton has been one of the most prominent public figures in the new millennium.

The question everyone faces is whether she will or won’t actually start the run for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next fall.

Well, in her own words to Iowans last week, “I’m back!” These are the two words that lead me to say, yes, indeed she will make a second bid to be the first female executive.

Last go-around, Hillary was criticized for not being a good enough energizer in the Democratic primaries. She came to lose to Barack Obama and, yes, John Edwards in Iowa. Remember John Edwards? Yes, Hillary’s performance was that bad.

The tune is a little different this time, though. In polling on, she leads Joe Biden by 54 points among prospective voters.

Potential challengers are lying in wait out of respect, as if she is President Johnson considering a third term. Sitting governors Martin O’Malley of Maryland and Andrew Cuomo of New York have been cast around as potential challengers, but challengers in this sense are more of potential vice presidential candidates.

At the end of the day, literally every passing day in the political world, all ears and eyes are focused on whether or not Hillary Clinton will be an option on our ballots come 2016. I sure hope so, and if elected, in her inauguration speech, I hope she jokes with Americans about how she’ll still make $400,000 a year despite being a woman.

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