Editorial: Wires crossed for MizzouWireless

MizzouWireless has experienced multiple outages since the beginning of the school year, and we love that.

As the semester continues to move along, MizzouWireless … does not.

MizzouWireless has crashed multiple times over the past few weeks. The Division of Information Technology said the two software items that should communicate together to allow people to access the network are not functioning properly, and that the code involved with the server is not behaving the way it should.

We, for one, are relieved that we don’t have reliable Internet service.

First of all, why would we need the internet on a college campus, where most of our learning resources are online? We would much rather just read books and flip through rows and rows of file cabinets to schedule classes and turn in assignments. We’re so glad that the poor service allows us to not rely so heavily on the convenience of the Internet.

Many of our courses require us to use resources on the web, and we love the fact that MizzouWireless takes away the stress of having to use said resources. Honestly, using the Internet while studying is so stressful and distracting for students, and it’s refreshing to not have to go through the hassle of procrastinating through Twitter and BuzzFeed. And if we have homework that is due online, MizzouWireless has just given us a reason to not do it! How awesome is that?

Another cool thing about MizzouWireless is that it is inaccessible in many residence halls across campus. DoIT recommended students to use Ethernet cables when connecting to the Internet in their rooms. That is such a great tip. Sitting at your desk with a short, clunky cord attached to your computer just feels right. In fact, everyone should just carry ethernet cords with them around campus! There are ports everywhere, and it will end all of the wireless problems that people are having. Let’s put the ‘wire’ back in MizzouWireless.

We’ve noticed that a lot of students complain on Twitter about not being able to do anything while MizzouWireless is down (and they often receive a response from @mizzouwireless, but we won’t ask how they have the Internet service to tweet back). We want to show these students that there are plenty of things to do while waiting for MizzouWireless to come back up. In fact, we even made a list:

  • Instead of posting on Blackboard, write on an actual blackboard.
  • Write out some Tumblr posts on a piece of paper.
  • Do your online homework on the sidewalk using chalk.
  • Take a bunch of selfies (but remember: You can’t post any of them because there’s no internet connection).
  • Instead of posting tweets, write them on sticky notes and leave them around campus.
  • Instead of using FaceTime, have a face to face conversation with someone.
  • Send someone a letter (we all know that the U.S. Postal Service could use your help).

Notice a problem? So do we.

As students on a modern college campus, a reliable wireless connection is necessary. While we may not know what exactly is wrong with MizzouWireless, we know that there are boundless resources on and off of our campus that we can use to fix it. Fixing the connectivity problems with MizzouWireless needs to be of utmost importance because students are relying on this service to succeed in school.

Seriously, we’re not asking you to split an atom; we just need dependable Internet service.

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