Page says he would protect Mo. jobs

Sam Page, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, has spent more of his life as a doctor than as a politician. But he said his motives remain the same.

"I'm running for lieutenant governor for the same reason I became a doctor, to help people," Page said. "In office, I'll wake up every morning thinking of what I can do to help the people of Missouri."

Still, Page is no political novice. After two terms on Creve Coeur's city council, he's spent three terms in the Missouri House of Representatives.

The lawmaker has criticized Kinder and Gov. Matt Blunt for Missouri's soaring unemployment rate. Page said keeping jobs in Missouri would be a priority.

"Most people are upset about our unemployment rate," he said. "I plan to protect Missouri jobs by carefully using economic incentives to businesses that create jobs and keep those jobs in Missouri."

But the doctor-turned-politician said the main theme of his campaign is increased access to health care.

"I have experience in government and a lifetime of experience in helping people," Page said. "This election is going to be about whether or not people want change."

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