ASUM directors meet with legislators for Lobby Day

ASUM leaders from all four UM System campuses met with representatives and senators from their respective districts

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri went to the state capitol in Jefferson City for its annual Lobby Day on March 5.

All four boards of directors from UM System campuses met with representative and senators from their respective districts.

They also attended the start of legislative session in the House, where Rep. Chris Kelly introduced the Board of Directors.

ASUM President Roshaunda McLean and Vice President Ted Hammers attended on behalf of MU.

"We go there every year and talk to our representatives to show our presence," Hammers said. "We want to let them know that students have a voice and interest in politics."

ASUM will host its annual Make a Stand Day Rally on April 11. The organization will bus 300 to 500 students to the state capitol and provide free breakfast and T-shirts.

"We have the rally every year to show the legislators that students care," Hammers said. "We also want to inform students about issues going on in government and promote ASUM."

Hammers and McLean discussed a variety of topics with legislators, including budget concerns, Hammers said.

"We want to make sure an adequate amount of funding is going to MU," Hammer said. "We also want to make sure enough money is going toward the STEM (The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Coalition) initiative."

With more and more MU students living off campus, ASUM wants to make sure student tenants are protected from unjust landlords, Hammers said.

"We want to promote student interests in landlord and tenant relations," Hammers said. "We want students to be protected from a landlord spiking up costs or being unfair."

ASUM also showed its support for student representation on the MU Board of Curators, Hammers said.

"We want to go against the philosophy that students don't care about politics and government," Hammers said.

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