Beat the spring break blues in Columbia

With Mediterranean food and Trops you might as well be on the coast.
Columbia residents Jessica Kovarik and Russell Jackson make their way through a narrow passage in the third mile of the MKT Trail as part of Saturday's annual Mid-Missouri Bike Ride in 2007. The MKT Trail can be a nice getaway if you're stuck in Columbia over spring break. Maneater File Photo

Stuck in Columbia over spring break? Not to worry, it's actually pretty nice. Things really quiet down over breaks and you can take advantage of that by catching up on sleep and homework. Or if you want to spend the week getting out and doing things you haven't before, here are some ideas:


First of all, if you're here you shouldn't sleep and do homework. If that's what's best for you, go for it. But there's a lot more going on. One thing to look out for is entertainment opportunities you might not always go after during the school year. A couple great entertainment opportunities bookend break. See below:

  • Friday, March 26: "American Graffiti" at the Missouri Theatre

  • Thursday, April 1: "Lit" at Ragtag Cinema


If you're looking for a more relaxed feeling to your break, there are plenty of things you can do in Columbia. Sure, it might not be hot enough to lie out on a beach (unless the weather is miraculous -- then you can go to Stephens Lake Park). But we suggest hitting the MKT Trail or grabbing a new book to read on Francis Quadrangle. The trail is great for weather expected over spring break. As long as it's not raining, you're good whether it's warm or cool. If you're looking to do more relaxing than light exercise, maybe try looking for a good book you haven't read and curl up on the Quad. Here are some places in the area that you can find books:

  • 9th Street Bookstore, 111 S. Ninth St.

  • Barnes & Noble, 2208 Bernadette Drive

  • Acorn Books, 211 S. Ninth St.

  • Adams Walls of Books, 214 N. Eighth St.

  • Columbia Public Library, 100 W. Broadway


If you've got a bit more free time, why not get away from the dining halls and explore some downtown spots. Here are a few to check out:

For food:

  • Flat Branch is a great place downtown for all kinds of food and in-house brewed beer.

  • Casablanca Mediterranean Grill just moved right next door to campus, so you can enjoy the tastes of a Mediterranean vacation without the cost of travel.

  • Murry's has a nice atmosphere for jazz fans. Wish you were on the beach eating seafood? Murry's offers some of Columbia's best seafood.

For drink:

  • Quinton's installed a multi-layered rooftop deck last year, so if you're looking to enjoy the nice spring weather, this is the place for you.

  • Eastside Tavern: If all your friends are going away for break, hit up Eastside for friendly conversation with the locals or some karaoke.

  • Tropical Liqueurs blends some fantastic frozen alcoholic drinks. To get the cool, tropic taste you'd expect on vacation, treat yourself to Trops.

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