Bill concerning redistricting map goes to Senate floor

The state House passed another map reducing Missouri's nine districts to eight.

State representatives passed another map with their plans for redistricting Friday morning, which passed by a vote of 91-47. The map was attached to SB 68.

The new map splits up the congressional district in the center of Missouri, which includes Boone County. From the new census, Missouri would go from nine to eight congressional districts.

The map will now go to the senate for a floor vote, which stands adjourned until Tuesday.

The vote on the bill concerning the congressional redistricting map was taken back to the House, where both senators and representatives worked through the night on Thursday to make a compromised map. Both the House and the Senate originally presented separate map plans for redistricting.

Under House rules, the earliest the new map could be voted on was Friday.

Members of the redistricting committee did not return requests for comment.

Rep. Mary Still, D-Columbia, said she did not support the original version of the map that was initially passed through the House.

"I will not support a gerrymandered map that has six Republican congressmen and two Democrats,” Still said. “I voted no on the earlier map.”

Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, said he does not agree with a map that splits up Central Missouri.

"I think Central Missouri certainly is its own unique region of the state," Webber said. "And I think it is really disappointing that there's no central district. I think it's an injustice to Central Missouri."

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