Campus View Apartments a stress-free place to live

The apartments offer a short drive to campus.
Photo of Campus View.

Most students, when looking for apartments, are looking for close proximity to campus.

These students don’t have to look much farther than Campus View Apartments. Located south on Providence, near the stadium, it's a convenient five minute drive to campus. On game days, I could just walk to the stadium from my apartment, essentially eliminating the “where are we going to park?” problem.

In addition, there’s a shuttle that runs back and forth from campus free of charge.

The rent is fairly reasonable; it's $429 a month for a four-bedroom apartment, and all but electricity are included for utilities. Campus View also offers two-bedroom apartments for $550 a month.

Each apartment is completely furnished with living room furniture (including a TV), a dining room table and chairs and bedroom furniture. The bed is full-size, which makes all those nights spent in the twin-size beds in the residence halls worth it. There's also a roomy kitchen and washer/dryer units, which really elevate an apartment into what feels like an adult home.

Though the Internet does crash sometimes, those annoyances are nothing compared to MizzouWireless. There are also Ethernet ports, but buying your own wireless router would be a great choice.

The maintenance staff is also incredibly quick. The front office will submit your maintenance request as soon as possible. However, the quality of the apartments ensure those calls rarely have to be made anyway.

The front office was just renovated over winter break. Campus View also has a clubhouse, or central space, where events are frequently held for the students living in the community. The front office staff are always extremely kind and they have a coffee machine and food available most mornings to stop by on your way to class.

We also have a swimming pool, tanning booth, workout room and a computer lab (with free printing). These can be a way to get rid of the stress from school and incredibly helpful to keep on top of work.

Overall, Campus View Apartments are pretty great and a nice place to live.

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