Carnahan cites voting reforms, opposes voter ID

Incumbent Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is out to finish what she started: making voting accessible to all eligible Missourians.

"We've created, for the first time, a statewide voter registration database as opposed to individual counties," Carnahan said. "By doing that, we've cleaned up those lists a lot, so there's been great progress."

One of Carnahan's goals for her next term is to implement early voting, something she said seven of Missouri's eight bordering states allow.

She said the office is making efforts to use more technology in the voting process, including putting voter registration forms online and allowing residents to look up their voter registration statuses online.

Carnahan supports current voter ID guidelines, where voters are required to show photo identification but not a state-issued one. She said anything further would disenfranchise many voters, including students who have identification from other states.

The incumbent said her office is seeking to enfranchise more students, and military voters too, by distributing voter registration cards in graduation packets at Missouri high schools and by allowing Missourians serving overseas to e-mail or fax their absentee ballots to their election official.

Carnahan said she strongly encourages students to get involved in the electoral process by becoming poll workers and local election officials.

"The average age of poll workers is 72 right now," she said. "And with the scrutiny of the election process and use of technology, I've been advocating strongly for more students and young people to get involved."

She added that her office has been making available grants to train student poll workers. Interested students may apply on the Secretary of State Web site.

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