Columbia Police Department releases 2014 Internal Affairs Report

CPD data shows over 800 additional arrests

The Columbia Police Department released new data concerning information including arrests, number of household and individual emergency calls and number of complaints filed against the station in the past year.

The 2014 internal affairs report documents an additional 800 arrests, a slight dip in emergency calls and a decrease in department complaints in comparison to the 2012 report.

Two years ago, CPD received 156,448 phone calls and performed 3,887 arrests. In 2014, the number of calls placed fell slightly to 153,784, with the number of arrests increasing to 4,704, said Sgt. Paul Dickinson of internal affairs.

Of the 911 calls placed to the Columbia Police Department, 73 percent come from within the city of Columbia, with 65 percent of these calls being received from wireless phones. Calls placed from within Boone County itself come in at 25 percent, with calls from outside of Boone County limits accounting for only 1 to 2 percent of total calls, according to the Columbia Police Department 911 Call Statistics.

Increased arrests and a large number of calls necessitates a certain amount of officers to respond to these situations, bearing question to the progress of the CPD in recruiting new police officers in light of the shortage that they experienced in 2014.

Due to this shortage, CPD had to implement a “triage system” in order to manage and respond to non-emergency calls.

“This system gauges the level of threat and the necessity for immediate officer dispatch response and then determines the order in which the calls should be responded to by priority,” CPD spokesperson Latisha Stroer said in an October 2014 Maneater article.

Now in 2015, CPD spokesperson Bryanna Maupin said the department is still short on officers, and this triage or “zero status” system is still in place.

“We are still in need of officers at this point in time,” Maupin said. “We are constantly trying to do recruiting events and get more officers on board. When we go into having no officers available, we will resort back to a triage system of responding to calls. This only happens when we reach what we call “zero status,” or when we have no officers to come in and we would be able to allow that sort of hierarchy of calls to take place. “

Despite this shortage of officers, the number of complaints directed toward the department significantly decreased in the past year.

“The police department has done an excellent job of policing itself,” Dickinson said.

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