Columbia Regional Airport Superintendent Don Elliott steps in as interim manager

Elliott has worked at the airport for 29 years.
Andrew Schneider recently left the position of Columbia Regional Airport manager after 11 months. Don Elliot is currently holding the position until a permanent candidate is found. Maneater File Photo

Columbia Regional Airport Manager Andrew Schneider was released after 11 months on the job, according to a news release from the Columbia Public Works Department. Don Elliott was appointed last week as interim manager to serve the role until the airport finds a permanent replacement.

Public Works Department spokeswoman Jill Stedem said he left due to a personal matter. A permanent replacement has not yet been found.

“At some point in the future, plans will be discussed on opening the position up and reselling it,” Stedem said.

Elliott said he does not know how long he will be filling in because Public Works Director John Glascock has not begun searching for a permanent replacement.

“I’m very happy to serve whatever capacity they need,” Elliott said.

Elliott has served as the airport’s superintendent for the past three years and filled the interim manager position in 2010. Stedem said Elliott will have the same authority serving as interim manager as a permanent manager would.

“I was interim manager once before, and the airport superintendent position encompasses some of the manager’s duties,” Elliot said.

Although Elliott will be filling the role of manager, he will continue to serve as the airport’s superintendent, with help from the airport’s safety supervisor.

“We have an excellent staff that is well-trained and knows their jobs very well,” he said.

Elliott said he does not think the new role’s responsibilities will affect his current duties at the airport.

“People that we have here know airport operations,” he said. “Everyone’s been trained to know the job above them and below them.”

As interim airport manager, Elliott will oversee airport safety, facility maintenance and compliance inspection, according to a news release.

"Columbia Regional Airport carries high expectations to not only assure reliable transportation service, but to continually adjust operations consistent with regional and global events,” Glascock said in a news release. “Don knows the day-to-day operations of the airport, and I'm confident that he will do a good job.”

Elliott has worked for the Columbia Regional Airport for 29 years.

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