Columbia resident injured after couch catches fire

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Columbia Fire Department responded to a reported house fire Monday morning near the intersection of Saratoga Drive and Lupine Drive in south Columbia to find a 23-year-old man with minor burns and a couch on fire.

The fire department was dispatched after a neighbor called 911 and said she could see what appeared to be a fire in the basement of a nearby home.

Fire crews contacted the 23-year-old resident of the home who said he was upstairs in the house when he smelled smoke, according to a news release. When he went to investigate the smell, he found a basement couch on fire.

The resident was unable to locate his cell phone to call 911 so he dragged the burning couch out the basement door. He then used a nearby garden hose to extinguish the fire.

The resident suffered minor burns to his hand but refused to be transported to a medical facility. The home suffered around $10,000 worth of damages.

CFD Capt. John Metz said the cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation.

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