CPD forcibly removes student from home in viral video

"This is so illegal," a bystander said. "He didn’t do anything."

The Columbia Police Department is being criticized after an online video emerged of two Columbia police officers physically removing an MU student from his home after a noise complaint.

The identity of the student being arrested in the video is unknown. According to totalfratmove.com, the video was filmed Oct. 31 between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. at a house on East Campus after officers arrived for noise complaint reports.

The officers said they smelled marijuana before entering the student’s home without a warrant. They pushed the student outside onto the ground in an attempt to take him into custody, according to totalfratmove.com.

In the 1-minute, 22-second-long video, the student is seen leaning on the doorframe talking with the two Columbia police officers.

After the student said, “I don’t understand,” another male at the party stood by him at the door before following the officers’ orders and stepping outside to join the police.

After the student still refused to leave the house, both officers physically removed him from the building by grabbing him around the neck and pushing him out of the doorway.

The camera quickly follows the physical altercation outside where both police officers are seen pinning the student on his back in order to handcuff him and take him into custody. The individuals in attendance at the party are seen in the background, including the voice of a girl telling the officers repeatedly, “This is so illegal. This is illegal as fuck.”

The officer tells the girl to stand back, then threatens to arrest her as well if she does not comply.

“Get her back unless she wants to be arrested too,” one officer instructed the bystanders.

The student battles with the officers, who are seen attempting to force his hands behind his back. Those watching the heated exchange pleaded with the student to comply with the officer’s demands.

“This is so illegal,” the bystander said again. “He didn’t do anything.”

According to totalfratmove.com, the student involved in the dispute with the two officers was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but was not taken into custody on charges involving marijuana possession.

CPD Public Information Officer Bryana Larimer was not aware of the video, and said that she needed to discuss it with other members of the department before she would be able to issue commentary on the situation.

The possibility that the student could issue a formal complaint against the CPD also prevents the department from commenting on the video.

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