CPD investigates crash involving officer

A CPD officer hit the man lying in the road Saturday night.
Columbia Police Department officers investigate a fatal pedestrian accident late Saturday at Clark Lane and Lambeth Drive. CPD Officer Alan Mitchell Jr. struck and killed Jeremy Setzer, who was lying in the roadway, while on a routine patrol.

The Columbia Police Department has not released the autopsy results of the man hit and killed by CPD Officer Alan Mitchell on Saturday night.

Mitchell ran over Jeremy Setzer, 24, at 11 p.m. Saturday on Clark Lane near Lambeth Drive. Setzer was lying in the westbound lane of the roadway, a CPD news release stated.

CPD Capt. Zim Schwartze said the police department has a preliminary report of Setzer's injuries, but the department cannot release anything until they receive the official report.

CPD's traffic division is investigating the crash, and the Professional Standards Unit is investigating Mitchell, who has been placed on administrative leave since the crash.

Schwartze said a Traffic Unit investigation normally takes between one to two months when an officer isn't involved but normally takes longer when an officer is involved.

The Traffic Unit is reviewing the road conditions and the in-car camera in Mitchell's car at the time of the crash.

Schwartze said the video from the camera was brief and it just showed the car hitting Setzer in the road. She also said the Professional Standards Unit can't complete its investigation until the Traffic Unit completes its investigation.

Mitchell's administrative leave will last indefinitely, Schwartze said, but it is not considered a punishment. Mitchell will return to work when both he and the department have decided he is ready, Schwartze said. She said the administrative leave is mainly for the investigation and to let Mitchell recover.

Police are still investigating why Setzer was lying in the road when Mitchell's car hit him.

"We still do not know why he was in the westbound part of the roadway," Schwartze said.

Setzer's wife was near the couple's car on the road and told officers Setzer was out of the car walking their dog. Schwartze said Setzer's wife told police where the couple was going and why they were on the road. Schwartze also said police found the dog Setzer was walking on the road.

The department is still questioning Setzer's wife about the accident.

Schwartze said the department is looking for Columbia residents who witnessed the accident and one has already come forward.

She said one man came forward and said he didn't see the accident but the saw red lights and came to the scene to try and help Setzer.

CPD requests that anyone with information about the accident or who might have witnessed anything prior to the accident contact the department with that information.

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