Crazy Crimes: a look at 2012’s most outlandish stories

Armed robberies? Boring.

Drug possession? What else is new?

Shootings? Okay, maybe a little more exciting.

But with more and more strange crime stories popping up around the nation, the everyday crimes that appear in the news are just starting to seem repetitive. The Maneater has compiled some incidents from 2012, which in either their nature or motive will leave you laughing, and possibly questioning humanity.

1. Man starts a car chase, just because he can

Most car chases start out for a similar reason: avoiding the police. But that wasn’t the case for John Hughes. His reason?

“I just always wanted to do that," Hughes said in a police report, according to The Huffington Post.

On Feb. 26, Hughes, from Butte, Mont., told officers he instigated a police chase because he always wanted to try it. Officers reported that a man followed a patrol car for seven blocks before pulling his SUV around and taking off at speeds up to 70 mph, according to The Huffington Post. Officers then laid out a spike strip to flatten his tires, ending the chase.

2. Meth creates an unusual alliance

If nothing else, meth has the ability to bring people together.

According to police, seven people in St. Louis are facing charges for conspiracy to make meth, distribution of meth and other drug-related crimes. Two of those individuals seem like they should never have been paired.

White supremacist Richard Treis and black inner-city gang member Robert “Biz” Swinney, met at a half-way house where they put their differences aside to make meth, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"It was all about the money," Franklin County Sheriff's Capt. Scott Briggs said in an interview with the Post-Dispatch on Feb. 17. "They put away their differences to get the job done."

3. Naked man in high heels arrested

A Minnesota man was arrested for indecent exposure and an outstanding warrant, after police reported seeing him walk down the street dressed only in heels.

On Feb. 21, officers said Stephen Roy Dombeck, 63, was walking down the street in Maple Grove, Minnesota dressed as such, when he saw the officers, ran back to his car and drove away, according to the Southwest Minneapolis Patch. Officers tracked Domback down and arrested him.

He was treated for cuts to his feet from running in heels in the snow.

4. Man pretends to be new boss at Denny’s, cooks own cheeseburger

On Feb. 21, James Summers, 52, walked into a Madison, Wis., Denny’s and tried to cook his own cheeseburger and fries. According to the Madison Police Department, Summers walked into the Denny’s, wearing a coat and tie, claiming to be a corporate veteran of the restaurant chain.

"What's funny is that this guy could have gone into any restaurant in town, but he wanted a Denny's cheeseburger. ... He was no stranger to the kitchen," Officer Joel DeSpain said in an interview with The Huffington Post on Feb. 23.

Officers discovered an unregistered stun gun on Summers’ belt as well as what appeared to be a few crack pipes, according to NBC News.

He was arrested and charged with fraud, possession of an electric weapon, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to DeSpain, as cops walked Summers out of the restaurant, he yelled out to the customers: “This is why you don’t dine and dash, kiddies.”

5. Drunk driver crashes into rehab center

On March 15, Daniel Dasilviera Bittar was arrested on suspicion of a DUI on his 21st birthday.

According to The Register-Guard, officers said an intoxicated Bittar crashed into a rehab center in Eugene, Ore., after driving while intoxicated. He had been 21 for 90 minutes.

He was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving and second-degree criminal mischief.

6. Ninjas steal marijuana, cash

Let’s all admit it: if we have to get robbed, it better be by ninjas --because how cool is that?

According to Newser, a man was delivering medical marijuana in West Covina, Calif., in March when two men dressed liked ninjas allegedly robbed him. The man said he saw the ninjas while walking back to his car after making a delivery, and out of fear, dropped a bag of pot and cash, which they grabbed. The delivery man claims the ninjas chased him with batons. No arrests were made.

7. Man in boxing glove and a sombrero arrested for public drunkenness

Jesse James Thomas, 55, was arrested March 28, after police say he leaped up on the hood of a patrol car, yelled his own name, jumped down and ran away, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Police found Thomas nearby, lying in the street, wearing a sombrero and a boxing glove on one hand.

He was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public.

8. Florida man claims to be half-orangutan, among other things

Mark Loescher, 51, was arrested in February, on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Florida.

According to Newser, Loescher told police he was half-orangutan and had to telephone the “Fusion Center” about his monkey blood. He also said he was Elvis Presley’s brother, a friend of President Bush and the director of the CIA.

Police confronted him outside of the bank after a woman reported he had threatened her with a gun the week before.

9. Man sings Queen’s 'Bohemian Rhapsody' while in police car

Is this real life, or is it just fantasy?

Robert Wilkinson, who was arrested for bring drunk in public, was caught on video singing the entirety of Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody in a police car.

“Do you have to cuff me?,” the man asked following his musical moment. “Physical violence is the least of my priorities."

According to Yahoo! News, where the video is posted, the man may have been suffering from Mercury poisoning.

10. Man gets arrested for refusing to leave jail

Inmate Martin Batieni Kombate, 41, was charged with trespassing after refusing to leave jail.

Kombate was set to be released, but refused to leave the jail in Flagstaff, Ariz., because he could not find his wallet, according to The Huffington Post. He was arrested and remained in jail, as of Jan. 25.

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