Eight arrested after another fight at Hickman

Most were arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace.

A fight broke out at Hickman High School at around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. School administrators and staff broke up the fight before police officers arrived.

Columbia Police officers arrested eight people after the fight.

Officers arrested two 16 year olds. In addition to the juveniles, police arrested Tyreese Alston, Kevin Bland, Kelly Buckner, Edward Battles and Vaughn Bland, all 17, on suspicion of disturbing the peace.

Michael Anderson, 17, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree trespassing. Before this arrest, school administrators told Anderson not to be at the school.

"He was arrested because he had been given a warning not to be on the property," Sgt. Eric White said.

Police said Anderson entered the school around the time of the fight to help a relative who was involved in the fight.

No one involved reported any injuries.

This is not the first school disturbance reported this year.

"There have been disturbances at our middle, junior high and high schools," White said.

Disturbances happen every year but the students' reactions have been changing.

"Lately, when adults intervene, the active participants don't seem to stop, which has been the biggest issue," White said.

Although the schools might be looking into new policies regarding fighting, the police are not.

"We don't do the punishment end, we just enforce the law, but we do everything we can to help the schools," White said.

Police don't know why the students were fighting, but officers saw nothing to indicate it was gang-related.

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