The essentials for the Nov. 4 Missouri General Election

Missouri Senate will not be included for Boone County this year.

Missouri General Elections, Nov. 4

United States Representative District 4: Nate Irvin (D) vs. Vicky Hartzler (R, incumbent) vs. Herschel Young (Libertarian)

Nate Irvin, Democrat

  1. Supports same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana
  2. Supports the Affordable Care Act
  3. Working to restructure the American Opportunity Tax Credit to keep federal student loan interest rates “manageable”
  4. Wants to protect small businesses from large corporate interests
  5. Was arrested and pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in Harrison County last year

Vicky Hartzler, Republican (incumbent)

  1. Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and reform Medicaid and Medicare
  2. Opposes abortion and same-sex marriage
  3. Voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act due to its new provision to include same-sex couples
  4. Opposes defense spending cuts
  5. Supports reducing corporate tax rates and deregulation of businesses

Herschel Young, Libertarian

  1. Quoted as supporting the legalization of marijuana
  2. Previously ran in 2012 but was defeated by Thomas Holbrook
  3. Supports small business owners and a smaller federal government
  4. Wants to help the working class grow
  5. Pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in 1995 and to unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in Bell County, Texas, in 1987

State Representative District 44: Tom Pauley (D) vs. Caleb Rowden (R, incumbent)

Tom Pauley, Democrat

  1. Supports the Affordable Care Act
  2. Would like to expand Missouri’s Medicaid program
  3. Supports fully funding higher education institutions and public schools
  4. Would like to aid small businesses
  5. Opposes lobbyist gifts and special interest tax breaks

Caleb Rowden, Republican (incumbent)

  1. Opposes abortion and the use of public funds for abortion
  2. Would like to cut government spending
  3. Wants to keep taxes low for citizens and businesses
  4. Would like to incorporate more technology into public schools
  5. Wants to sustain and increase funding for MU

State Representative District 45: Kip Kendrick (D, unopposed)

Kip Kendrick, Democrat

  1. Wants to expand Medicaid and Columbia’s health care industry
  2. Would like to prioritize innovation
  3. Supports the public school system
  4. Would like to see MU remain successful
  5. Used to work at MU as a study abroad advisor for the journalism program

State Representative District 46: Stephen Webber (D, incumbent, unopposed)

Stephen Webber, Democrat (incumbent)

  1. Opposes the death penalty
  2. Supports enforcing minimum wage increases
  3. Wants to fund and expand public school educational programs in Missouri
  4. Wants to increase Medicaid coverage
  5. Supports major infrastructure improvements

State Representative District 47: John Wright (D, incumbent) vs. Chuck Basye (R)

John Wright, Democrat (incumbent)

  1. Opposes reducing income tax rates
  2. Supports Medicaid expansion in Missouri
  3. Supports Common Core in education
  4. Wants gun law reform
  5. Supports abortion rights

Chuck Basye, Republican

  1. Opposes partisanship
  2. Supports quality education in Missouri
  3. Wants to lower taxes and have less government interference for small businesses
  4. Supports gun rights
  5. Would like to support Missouri farmers from special interest groups

State Representative District 50 Caleb Jones (R, incumbent, unopposed)

Caleb Jones, Republican (incumbent)

  1. Supports “market-based strategies” to encourage job growth
  2. Opposes abortion
  3. Supports gun rights
  4. Wants education to be the state’s top funding priority
  5. Would like to lower taxes

Missouri Senate

In 2014, only even-numbered districts are up for election. Boone County is in District 19, so it will not be included.

Ballot amendments

Amendment 2, the Missouri Evidence in Sexual Crimes Against Minors Amendment

  1. The Missouri General Assembly approved the amendment to be placed on the ballot.
  2. This measure would make evidence of past criminal acts permissible in court if it relates to the case when the case involves a sex crime committed against a minor.
  3. This has been a very controversial amendment because the past criminal acts would not have to be convictions to be brought up as evidence.

Amendment 3, the Missouri Teacher Performance Evaluation Amendment

  1. This amendment was placed on the ballot by voters through a petition.
  2. This measure will create teacher performance evaluations, which would be based off student performance data and would be used when deciding whether or not to keep a teacher.
  3. The amendment might reform how school is taught in order to prioritize higher standardized testing scores.

Amendment 6, the Missouri Early Voting Period Amendment

  1. The Missouri General Assembly approved the amendment to be placed on the ballot.
  2. This measure would create an early voting period starting in 2016 in an effort to increase voter turnout.
  3. There would be no increase in taxes, but there would be an increased cost as a result of keeping the polls open longer.

Amendment 10, the Missouri Gubernatorial Budgetary Recommendations Amendment

  1. The Missouri General Assembly approved the amendment to be placed on the ballot.
  2. The governor would no longer be able to make budget recommendations to the legislature based on proposed legislation.
  3. It would also deny the governor the ability to reduce appropriations for paying off public debt.

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