Freshman arrested in connection to anti-Semitic vandalism

Bradley Becker is a resident of Mark Twain residence hall.
Photo of an announcement posted in the Mark Twain Residence Hall in Columbia, Mo.

UPDATE: Becker posted bond on April 21 at 4:59 p.m., according to the Boone County Jail records.

The MU Police Department arrested freshman Bradley Becker at 2:22 p.m. April 21 in connection with vandalism on a wall in Mark Twain residence hall, according to an MUPD news release.

The vandalism was of anti-Semitic remarks, including images of a swastika, a triangle with an eye on top and the word “heil.” The images were smeared on a wall in the building’s northwest stairwell with what appeared to be charcoal. The vandalism was found April 8 and again April 10.

Becker is a resident of Mark Twain.

Becker was arrested for second-degree property damage, a class D felony due to sentencing provisions under Revised Missouri Statute 557.035 Hate Crimes.

Becker will be taken to Boone County Jail with a $4,500 bond. He is not currently on the inmate list.

As the investigation is still ongoing, no more information is available at the time.

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