Freshman arrested for salvia, marijuana possession after traffic stop

An officer stopped the student on Rollins Street.

An MU freshman was arrested with two other men Saturday night after an officer found salvia, marijuana and alcohol in their vehicle.

MU Police Department Capt. Scott Richardson said an officer made contact with the suspects just before 10 p.m. during a traffic stop.

"The vehicle was stopped after an officer observed the van turning onto eastbound Rollins Street from northbound Hitt Street without showing any lights," Richardson said. "The car was eventually stopped on southbound Virginia Avenue."

While speaking with the suspects, the officer noticed marijuana seeds inside the vehicle, Richardson said.

"Upon searching the vehicle, the officer found two bags of marijuana, one weighing 10 grams and the other weighing 15 grams," Richardson said. "In addition, the officer found Seagram's gin and Budweiser beer inside the vehicle."

Richardson said the officer also discovered .3 grams of salvia after searching the car. According to the Missouri Revised Statutes, salvia is a Schedule I controlled substance and possession is a Class C felony.

Freshman Steven Fonseca was arrested on suspicion of possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana and possession of alcohol by a minor. Both Daniel Parks and Shane Elliott, residents of Florissant, were arrested on the same two charges. Possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana and possession of alcohol by a minor are both misdemeanor offenses, according to the Missouri Revised Statutes.

Parks, the 19-year-old driver, was also arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and failure to display lights. According to Boone County records, Parks was taken to Boone County Jail on Saturday night and released Sunday on $4,500 bond.

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