Full speed ahead: Law enforcement cracks down on meth operation

A meth operation was discovered after witnesses noticed suspicious activity coming from the residence.

Four Missouri residents were arrested Saturday after a methamphetamine manufacturing operation was discovered in Columbia.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department served a search warrant at 3251 Locust Grove Church Road, where they discovered a significant quantity of finished methamphetamine, according to a news release.

Nicholas Powell, 29, and Jade Lewis, 19, of Columbia were arrested with Michael Robinson, 20, of Hannibal, Mo., on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance, methamphetamine, according to Boone County Sheriff's Department.

Haily M. Robinson, 19, of Hannibal, Mo., was also arrested on suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.

A witness called the Boone County Sheriff's Department after noticing suspicious activity at the residence.

"The witness said she noticed that there were several people that were passed out at the residence and she saw a substance that they believed possibly was illegal drugs," Detective Tom O'Sullivan said.

Deputies found components of an active and ongoing methamphetamine manufacturing operation in and around the residence, according to a news release. They found methamphetamine in multiple stages of manufacture, in addition to finished methamphetamine and paraphernalia.

O'Sullivan said this is a common occurrence in Boone County.

"It's certainly something that we deal with on a daily basis," he said. "We are always investigating methamphetamine production, so we make a lot of busts for meth."

In addition to the charge of manufacturing a controlled substance, Michael Robinson had two warrants out of his arrest in Illinois: a parole violation warrant with an original charge of methamphetamine conspiracy, and a failure to appear warrant with an original charge of unlawful procurement of anhydrous ammonia, which can be used to make methamphetamine.

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