Hospital lockdown comes to an end

The hospital was put on lockdown at noon Wednesday.

The suspect in a triple homicide that resulted in a lockdown at University Hospital was taken into custody Thursday afternoon.

The investigation is still ongoing and very busy, said Sgt. Robert Bruchsaler of the Mid-Missouri Major Case Squad.

The Cooper County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joshua Maylee without incident at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Bruchsaler said.

University Hospital was put on lockdown at noon Wednesday in connection with the Callaway County homicide investigation, MU Health Care spokeswoman Mary Jenkins said. The lone survivor of the attack was transported to the hospital for treatment.

A statement from MU Health Care sent out at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday said the hospital was on lockdown because officials had reason to believe a violent person might seek access to the hospital.

"It is being done more as a protection order," MU Police Chief Jack Watring said Wednesday. "We are concerned that the man that shot and killed three men in Callaway County may return to finish off his fourth victim, who we are treating at University Hospital."

Patients, visitors and staff had access to the hospital during the lockdown but were screened when they entered and exited.

"It is simply precautionary, standard procedure if you will," Watring said.

The homicides happened in the Holts Summit area, a Callaway Sheriff’s Department news release stated.

The victim being treated at University Hospital is Gina Werdehausen of Holts Summit. Her husband Jeffrey Werdehausen is one of the three deceased victims. Eugene Allen Pinet and Jackie Lee Pinet were also killed.

Director of Information Technology Director Terry Robb said it would have been up to MUPD to send an alert to students regarding the rumors that were spreading on the Internet and by word of mouth. The police department has the technology to send the alerts themselves.

“I could send the alert, but I would only do it at their direction,” Robb said.

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