Hoverboard ban may be difficult to enforce on MU campus

No reports of hoverboards violations have been filed at this time.
Courtesy of Ben Larcey

After the campuswide ban of hoverboards, students may not be concerned with the threat of punishment or strict enforcement from the MU Police Department or the Office of Student Conduct.

Self-balancing scooters, also known as hoverboards, were banned beginning Jan. 8 because of the “potential impact on MU campus safety,” an email to students stated.

MUPD relies on individuals to report campus hoverboard violations by filing a report themselves, including specific information such as time, location, suspects involved and a detailed description of the event. Director of Student Life Mark Lucas compared the enforcement of the hoverboard ban to the smoking policy.

“There’s no smoking allowed on this campus, and everyday when we walk out there’s people smoking in the same areas,” Lucas said. “People ask me, ‘where’s the enforcement for it?’ Well, there is no enforcement. The enforcement is on individual people.”

Lucas said he has asked smokers to put out their cigarettes repeatedly with no cooperation and predicts that the hoverboard ban will follow the same pattern.

“Are the police going to come to track somebody down who’s riding a hoverboard?” Lucas said. “I have no idea. Everything we do in student conduct is based on receiving reports of violations, from either students, community or police. We don’t go looking for anything or initiate anything.”

Students wanting to file a report or complaint can visit the Office of Student Conduct website and fill out an incident report form.

After a hoverboard violation is reported, the charge is reviewed, and students could be charged with failure to comply with university policy, Office of Student Conduct senior coordinator Julie Drury said.

Drury and MUPD Maj. Brian Weimer both said their departments have received no reports of hoverboard violations.

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