Incumbent Kinder has focused on tourism

After 12 years in the Missouri Senate and one four-year term as lieutenant governor, Republican Peter Kinder is no stranger to elections. But with the Nov. 4 election just around the corner, the incumbent now finds himself in a struggle to retain his spot at the capital.


Through the course of the campaign, Kinder has focused mainly on championing an increase in tourism as well as advocating for Missouri veterans and senior citizens.


"Almost 180,000 Missourians are getting assistance for their monthly prescription drugs, whereas prescription drug support for seniors was non-existent several years ago," Kinder said during a Sept. 12 forum.


In the past four years, the lieutenant governor has attempted to pump more tourism dollars into Missouri's economy through events such as the Tour of Missouri cycling race, which wrapped up Sept. 14. Kinder also praised a redevelopment project that turned a dilapidated Kansas City mall into a professional soccer stadium, citing again his hope to vitalize the state's economy through tourism.


"That project turned an awful sinkhole of blight and crime into a wonderful, beautiful corporate campus," he said.


Kinder said he has served as acting Missouri governor for more than 100 days during his time as lieutenant governor.

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