Investigators make cocaine arrests

Deputies found scale and packaging materials with cocaine residue.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested two Columbia residents after they discovered a cocaine distribution operation during a search of a residence, a Boone County Sheriff’s Department news release stated.

Investigators conducted a search at 9 a.m. Wednesday at 5660 N. Rocky Fork Drive in the Prathersville area, where they found cocaine and other distribution materials. Four handguns with ammunition were also found, the release stated.

“We found very good and strong evidence that this was a distribution operation,” Sheriff's Department Sgt. Britt Shea said. “We found scale and packaging materials with cocaine residue on it.

Deputies arrested Shawn M. Turner, 37, on suspicion of distribution of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm. Clinton G. Jones, 43, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful possession of a firearm and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Both men were present at the house during the investigation, Shea said.

Shea said there was some relationship between the two men, but was not sure what the connection was.

“It was a family relationship as opposed to just a business relationship,” he said.

McKenzie J. Franklin, 21, was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of marijuana. She was released with a summons, the news release stated.

Cocaine arrests in Boone County are fairly common, Shea said.

“It happens all the time,” he said. “Statistically, we probably make more possession arrests, but when we find evidence to lead us to a particular house, then we do an investigation.”

Although police have arrested suspects relating to the cocaine distribution operation, they still have plans to continue pursuing the investigation.

“Cases are never dead,” Shea said. “There are always more leads to follow when we make investigations like this. Sometimes people talk and it leads us to other investigations. It’s not unusual at all for an investigation to lead us to other investigations.”

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