Kidnapper escapes Caldwell County jail

Authorities have no local address for the man, but he is known to frequent Columbia.
Columbia Police Department

The man accused of kidnapping an MU student in June escaped from the Caldwell County Detention Center late Saturday night.

Brian Adkison, 23, was barefoot and wearing white boxer shorts when he escaped from the jail at 11:25 p.m. He escaped on foot and fled in an unknown direction, according to a news release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Adkison was able to gain access to the ceiling in his jail cell and climbed through to the office area of the detention center where he then escaped, MSHP Sergeant Sheldon Lyon said.

Shortly after Adkison's escape, a resident from Kingston Mo., reported his or her white 2000 Ford pick up truck missing, Lyon said.

"We're not sure that Adkison stole the truck, but it's a possibility," Lyon said. "We are still saturating the area, but we are interested in that truck."

Columbia Police Department along with officers from several other departments are currently searching for Adkison.

Although authorities have no local address for Adkison, he is known to frequent Columbia, CPD spokesman Joe Bernhard said in a news release.

Adkison is considered dangerous and, in his attempts to evade police, is known lead officers on high speed pursuits, commit burglaries and steal vehicles, Bernhard said.

After evading police for several days after the kidnapping, Adkison was arrested June 21 in Morgan County.

Prior to his arrest, the manhunt involved 19 police departments, three SWAT teams, helicopters and police dogs. He was eventually arrested when officers responded to a residential burglary call.

On June 15, Adkison was accused kidnapping and inflicting injury upon his ex-girlfriend, MU medical student Lauren Crawford, 23. He later dropped Crawford off at a Columbia hospital the next morning. Crawford had an order of protection against Adkison.

Adkison also faces charges in relation to several Missouri cases in multiple jurisdictions.

If anyone has any information regarding Adkison’s whereabouts, they can contact Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department at 816-586-2681 or the Missouri State Highway Patrol at 816-387-2345.

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