Kip Kendrick set to run for 45th District House seat in 2014

Kendrick received the support of the district’s current legislator, Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia.
Courtesy of Kip Kendrick

Kip Kendrick announced Wednesday he will be running for the 45th house district seat in 2014.

Kendrick received the support of the district’s current legislator, Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia.

As Kelly’s successor, Kendrick has big shoes to fill, Kendrick said in a news release.

Kelly has served in the Missouri House since 2008 and is not seeking re-election in 2014.

Kendrick reflected on the leadership of Kelly.

“I am honored to have Representative Kelly’s support,” Kendrick said. “Kris has been very influential in setting policies affecting MU, Columbia and the state of Missouri. He has a wealth of knowledge related to the issues that affect our area. He knows how to create change in Jefferson City. I hope to continue his legacy by being a champion for the university, for students, and for all of Columbia.”

Kendrick has served in leadership positions with Job Point as an employment adviser, with the MU School of Journalism as a study abroad adviser and with Columbia College as an assistant director of admissions.

In the realm of healthcare, Kendrick coordinates support services for Boone County Family Resources, assisting children and their families with developmental disabilities.

Kendrick’s past involvement with the educational and healthcare systems in Columbia have prepared him for the issues that await him in the 45th district, Kendrick said.

Kendrick said he recognizes that the higher education institutions, the healthcare industry and the public schools are being threatened with political posturing, budget cuts and underfunding.

"He knows his neighborhood,” Kelly said. “He knows both the universities and the hospitals due to his past experience and he knows downtown."

As an MU employee, he saw firsthand what budget cuts did to students, staff and faculty. He also realized how detrimental increased tuition is on students’ futures. He said he saw students being forced to redirect their life goals due to increased tuition.

“It’s time for Missouri to look at funding for the University of Missouri as an investment, not as a financial liability,” Kendrick said.

With respect to health care, Kendrick plans to expand Medicaid coverage. With his involvement with Boone County Family Resources, he said he witnesses families who have one parent stay home to care for their child with disabilities, while the other parent is working two or three part time jobs to make ends meet.

Kendrick said he believes expanding Medicaid would not only provide these families with adequate healthcare coverage, but would be a positive impact on the economy of Missouri.

Expanding Medicaid would add 24,000 jobs and would add more than $8 billion to the economy of Missouri over the next seven years, Kendrick said.

Kendrick, whose mind is focused on bettering the education and healthcare systems, is looking forward to getting to know the people of Missouri over the course of his leadership, Kendrick said.

“I plan to start pounding the pavement soon, knocking on doors, setting up meetings, and truly listening to the people of this district,” Kendrick said. “I am excited about this opportunity, and I take this endeavor very seriously.”

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