MACC closed following a student threatening to “blow up the school”

The Columbia Police Department said the student allegedly responsible has been “cooperative with the investigation.”

Moberly Area Community College is closed today after a “disgruntled student” threatened to “‘blow up the school,’” according to an MACC Security Alert posted at 9:28 a.m. on Nov. 3.

Officers called the Director of Security at MACC in reference to the alleged threat around 11 last night, said Latisha Stroer, Columbia Police Department public information officer, in a mass email to news outlets Tuesday morning.

“We can not confirm that it was a bomb threat,” CPD PIO Bryana Larimer said in an interview. “(CPD) is saying that it was a verbal threat.”

A student made the threat earlier Monday on the Columbia campus, Stroer said in the email. CPD later found the student allegedly responsible for the threat, and “the subject was cooperative with the investigation,” the email stated. According to the email, no “suspicious” evidence indicated that the student had plans to carry out the threat.

MACC’s Behavioral Intervention Team “will address the threat,” their alert stated.

“We take all threats very seriously, and the safety of our students, faculty and staff is our top priority,” the MACC alert stated.

In the alert, MACC encouraged people to stay aware of the threat and to call police immediately if they notice any suspicious packages or activity.

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