Man arrested in connection with MU Yik Yak threats to go to trial

Missouri S&T sophomore Hunter Park’s trial by jury 9 a.m. May 5 in Boone County Circuit Court.

After allegedly posting on Yik Yak that he was going to “shoot every black person” he saw, 19-year-old Hunter Park was scheduled for trial yesterday.

On Nov. 11, MU Police Department arrested Park in connection with multiple threats that caused panic on MU’s campus.

“Well tomorrow mizzou will really make national news,” one post said. “Don’t go to campus tomorrow.”

Police believe Park was in Rolla during the time the threats were made. He was charged with a class C felony for making a terrorist threat. Park has since plead not guilty.

He’s scheduled to have a jury trial at 9 a.m. May 5 in Boone County, according to Missouri court records.

Park is a sophomore studying computer science at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. One of his friends, 18-year-old Jessie Saleh, told The Maneater in November that Park “had a twisted sense of humor.”

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