Changes to Missouri State Lottery Commission

The changes came after Gov. Jay Nixon ordered a report.

Changes are coming to the Missouri Lottery after the release of an Office of Administration report on the funds the lottery provides to public schools.

The report, sanctioned by Gov. Jay Nixon and released Sept. 18, also created a State Lottery Commission.

Funds for education fell 7.4 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the report. However, gross revenue for the lottery saw a 1.5 percent increase. The report attributes advertising expenditures as a major source of the disparity.

These figures prompted Nixon to appoint four new members to the State Lottery Commission, including Terry Adams, Phyllis Chase, Paul Kincaid and John Twitty. Adams has been appointed for one year, Chase for two and Kincaid and Twitty for three, though the appointments have yet to be confirmed by the Missouri Senate.

Three of the appointees have backgrounds in education, while one has a background in business management.

Voters chose in 1992 to have the lottery proceeds fund public education. The State Lottery Commission oversees the lottery and sets ticket prices and the size of prizes.

“Two decades ago, Missouri voters spoke loud and clear that the proceeds from the Missouri Lottery should benefit our public schools and it’s clear that the lottery has some work to do if it’s going to keep delivering on that promise,” Nixon said in the release. Nixon said he hopes his appointees will follow the recommendations of the report and turn the figures around.

“The Office of Administration’s comprehensive review provides several specific recommendations aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing benefits for public education, and this review should give clear guidance to the Commission,” he said in the release. “The four Missourians I am appointing to the Commission today have extensive experience in business and education and are uniquely qualified to provide strong leadership to ensure the state lottery provides the greatest possible benefit to our public schools.”

Chase said she was very surprised by her appointment.

“I feel honored to have been asked by the governor to be one of four appointees to the State Lottery Commission,” she said. “I had no prior knowledge that I was being considered. Maximizing financial resources to public schools, colleges and universities is of paramount importance. I look forward to being a part of this initiative through my service on the commission.”

Nixon said he is optimistic that his appointees will be an asset to the Missouri Lottery going forward.

“This review has identified several areas where the lottery needs to do better, and I look forward to seeing the lottery implement these solid recommendations to improve its operations and maximize its benefit to public education,” he said.

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