More information released about hostage case

According to a probable cause statement obtained from the Missouri courts, John D. Jones began assaulting his girlfriend after an argument with her about dinner. The assault began Oct. 6 and ended when Jones surrendered himself to Columbia police two days later.

The documents stated that an argument began when Jones was not invited to accompany the girlfriend to dinner with her family in McBaine.

Jones' girlfriend, according to court documents, said she did not want Jones to attend dinner with her and her family because of a disagreement.

This disagreement angered Jones, according to the court documents, and Jones began to physically abuse the woman when she returned to the apartment after dinner.

According to the probable cause statement, "the defendant knowingly caused physical injury."

The document stated that Jones forced the woman into the bedroom of a residence located on Alpine Drive and barred her from leaving the room by placing a dresser in front of the door.

Jones, according to Missouri court documents, forced the woman to call in sick to her job, preventing her from leaving the room.

According to a news release from the Columbia Police Department, Jones held the woman against her will on Oct. 6, then transported her to the St. Louis metropolitan area, where he threatened to drug and assault her.

The nature of the assault that Jones threatened the woman with was not specified.

"Police arrived on the scene and then made phone contact with Jones," said Columbia Police Sgt. Ken Hammond.

Jones then left the Alpine Drive residence unarmed, Hammond said.

According to court documents, Jones is not allowed to contact the victim or to be in the area of the residence on Alpine Drive.

Jones was arraigned last week and is facing charges of felony kidnapping, felonious restraint and second-degree domestic assault.

Assistant prosecuting attorney Andrea Hayes said Jones is attempting to find representation.

Hayes said she is meeting with witnesses and victims connected to the case.

A council status hearing has been scheduled for Jones for Oct. 23, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Nov. 7.

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